Paint Stripper Aerosol

Quick Acting Low Odour, Slow Vapour Release Spray On & Strip Paint Away From:


  • Wood Surfaces
  • Metal Surfaces
  • Stone Surfaces

Product Description

GENERAL DESCRIPTION: RB10 Aerosol Paint Stripper is a low odour solvent based paint stripper spray, which encapsulates the stripping layer with a low vapour release reaction time.

USES: Removes all enamel, acrylic, varnishes and epoxy based paints from wood, metal and stone surfaces.


  • Easy application
  • Ozone friendly
  • Low odour
  • Quick acting


PHYSICAL FORM: Highly flammable, semi refined wax, methylene chloride, methanol ethyl acetate, propellent carrier

PROREPELLANT AEROSOL: B56 Butane / Propane mixture. Highly flammable liquefied gas


SPREADING RATE: Approximately 4 m² per can per single application

FILL RATIO: 40% m/m

FLASH POINT: 3.5 barr at 25°C

PACKAGING: 400ml, Standard Precision Valve and Actuator

REACTION: Between 3 – 6 minutes

APPLICATION METHOD: Shake can vigorously. Spray the paint stripper onto the required surface testing a small section first. Leave for 3 – 6 minutes. Remove the paint with a scraper, piece of glass or a wire brush, use a fine brush to reach crevices. The reaction time may vary due to the surface required to clean. Lifting of paint off the surface may not be obvious at first but the paint stripper will soften the layer to enable scraping off. In this case more than one layer may be required. After use turn the can upside down, depress the actuator for 5 seconds. Note: Do not use on plastic surfaces.

HEALTH & SAFETY ADVICE: The product contains a flammable solvent. Precaution must be taken to prevent naked flames coming in contact with vapours (i.e. smoking must be prohibited). Solvents may also cause narcotic effects if the vapour concentration is too high: always ensure adequate ventilation (do not use solvent based paints in a poorly ventilated or closed space). Avoid contact with skin, eyes, mouth etc. Wear protective clothing, goggles & gloves. If body contact is made, rinse off immediately. Wash product off skin before it has dried using soap and water.

DISCLAIMER ADVICE: The information given in this Product Information Sheet is based on controlled laboratory tests and many years of experience. It is given in good faith but no guarantee of any performance characteristic is given or implied. RB10 paints cannot be held liable for consequential damage of whatsoever nature that may arise from the use of RB10 products. Paint technology is continuously being developed and RB10 Paints reserves the right to update product specifications without prior notice. Contact RB10 Paints for further details.

Technical Data Sheet

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Safety Data Sheet

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